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Bob Drake
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1953 - 1955 Ford PU interior door handles (Pair)
1953 - 1955 FORD PU Window Channel Kit
1953 - 1955 Ford PU Window Cranks (pr)
1953 - 1955 Ford Puick Up Gas tank.
1953 - 1955 intertior handle set door and window (4pc)
1953 1954 1955 Chrome Tissue Dispenser
1953-1955 Ford SCRIPT Tail Lamp Lens(ea)
1953-1956 Food enblem and pad
1953-1956 Ford PU interior dome light -remote
1953-1956 Pickup Exterior Door Handles -screws + pads
1953-1957 Chevy Pass Car wiper Motor Kit
1953-1957 Ford Body Parts Complete Manual
1953-1960 Bob Drake PU Side Mirror
1954 F100 COOOOL Rat Rod
1954 Ford Car Owners Manual
1955 1956 CUSTOM CAB PU door emblmes (pr)
1955 1956 Ford PU Door emblems "custom cab"
1955 Chevy Hubcap- Chevy Approved set of 4.
1956 - 1960 Ford Pick Up Steering Wheel
1956 Chevy Hub Caps (4) Chevy Approved
1956 Classic
1956 Ford Dlx PU Door Window Glass Channel Kit
1956 Ford PickUp SS Tail Lamp (pr)
1956 Ford PU interior window cranks . (pr)
1956 Ford Truck Parking Lisgt Assembly SS
1956 Tissue Dispenser
1957 Classic
1960 - 1963 Ford Falcon Steering Wheel
1961 - 1966 Ford PU Hubcaps
1961 - 1966 Ford Truck outside door handles.
1961 - 1970 Ford Pick Up Steering Wheel
1961 - 1972 PU sending unit
1961-1966 Ford Outside door handles (Pr)
1961-1966 PU Door Storage Compartment
1961-1966 PU Exterior Door Handles
1962-1967 12 Volt Tail lamps.
1967-1979 Ford PU AND 1966-1979 Bronco side view mirror
1987 Benz 560 SL LOW Miles
1988 Harley Tour Glide- Really Clean! ++++SOLD++++
2 dvd 5 hr restoration Video (DVD)
24" universal hot rod throttle cable with billet ends
25 Foot Roll 3/16 Black Fender Welt
26 " Model A Ford or Hot Rod Radiator Support Rods
26" Polished stainless steel Radiator rods (pr)
26" Steel radiator Rods
3 inch peep mirror (sold each)
3" Curved Arm Peep Mirror
30' roll BLACK Fender Welt
32 BABY DEUCE LIGHTS + conduits and Stands!
32 Ford Front Spreader Bar license plate bracket
36 Ford Cabriolet
36 Ford Grille- decent shape!
37 Ford Flat Back Trunk Hinges
3rd Brake License Plate Frame - Polished Aluminum
4 inch straigh arm exterior mirror
4" Curved Arm Peep Mirror.
40 closed car vent window seal edge, pair.
40 Closed Car Vent Window Seals (pr)
40 Ford dlx Chrome Clock Bezel
40 Ford Glove Box Hinge and hardware
40 Ford Radio delete / block off plate
5 VHS Restoration ret- Retail $ 124.75 (ON SALE-56.89)
6 Volt Conversion Guide Book
6 volt high/low beam halogen bulb
6 volt parking bulb (headlamp & taillamp)
6 volt parking lamp bulb
6 volt Stop tail lamp Bulb
6 volt tail lamp bulb
6" Black Headlamp tands (pr)
6" Ford Vinyl stick on Logo - Nice!
7 " Sealed Beam 12v headlamp 1940 and Up
7pc Crossmember U Bolt Kit SS 1928-1934
8 ball antennal top with flames
8 Ball Shift Knob- cool!
8 ball suicide knob - GREAT quality
Ahoooooga horn Model A sound
Air Maze...Model A Air Filter
Airmaze. Model A Ford Air Cleaner +++
Ammeter 0-20-0
Backing Plate - bumper clamp 30/31
Backing plate Clamp - bumper clamp 28/29
Battery on/off kill switch
Billet 12 Volt 3rd Brake USA made! LED
billet Gas/Brake Pedal-chrome bracket
Billet License plate frame with light and 3rd brake! LED
Billet License Plate Frame with Light!
Black Dice Gear Shift Knob
black painted headlamp stands
Blue DiceGear Shift Knob
Bob Drake 1940 Dlx 3pc original grille
Bob Drake 1950 Style Pontiac Taillamps (pr)
Bob Drake Hi Boy Upper Shock Mounts
Brake shoe Rivet Tool
Brass 3" wind wing clamp on side rear view miirrors
Bumper Clamps Chrome + Blue
BUSTED KNUCKLE Light Switch Plate
California RED Wolf Whistle **special sale**
Chassis And Running Gear restoration VHS- ON SALE!
Chopper Bobber Tail Lamp with Blue Dot Stop Lens 12v
Chopper Bobber Tail Lamp with Blue Dot Stop Lens 12v, with Stand!
Chrome Air Cleaner Single Barrell (louvered)
Chrome Air Cleaner Single Barrell (plain)
CHROME Fender Welt 30' Roll - UGLY to the bone for your RAT ROD
Chrome Plated Carburetor Air Scoop
Chrome Plated Carburetor Air Scoop (3)
Chrome Plated License Plate Bracket WITH 12v Light
Chrome plated RED FLAME Screw on Int rear View Mirror.
Chrome plated Spoon Gas Pedal
Chrome rectangular Glue on Interior Rear View Mirror
Chrome Skull - red eye Gear Knob
Clamp on Brass Rear View Interior Mirror
Complete Model A Directional Kit - with flashers
Complete Model A Tail Lamp kit (READ!) Great buy
COOL interior rear view SURFBOARD Mirror
COOL Running lighs / Directional Lights - street rod
COOL Wolf Whistle !
Corvette Wall Thermometer
Diamond Chrome Plated Directional - Marker Lights. (pr)
Diamond Directionals or parking lights (pr)
Diamond shaped, chrome plated Lights
Early car wooden dipstick gas gauge
Early Car, Tractor Bicycle Tire Pump
Early Ford V8 1932-1948 Lube Chart
Early Ford V8 Visor Mirror
exterior dorr hanldes 1937-1947 Ford PU
Fantastic Model A Cup Holder Accessory all 1928-1931
flush Mount tail lamps
Ford 1928 -1936 repaint manual WITH FREE paint chips
Ford adjustable wrench - nice shape
FORD at the 1934 - 1935 Fairs
Ford Beverale Cooler -- BLUE
Ford Bevereage Cooler BLACK.....
Ford Black leather key ring
Ford Blue LOGO Quartz Clock
Ford Early open script.
Ford Genuine Parts wall Theremometer White
Ford Logo- Computer Messanger Bag
Ford Motor Co Logo Fender Protector. Fender Cover
Ford Pony - Mustang Clock
Ford Racing Clock
Ford Racing Clock - 12" quartz
Ford Script Wrench (McKaig-Hatch-Buffalo USA)
Ford Script wrent M-81A-17017
Ford V8 Cap - real high quality!
Ford V8 Stainless steel Exhaust Tip
Ford Wrench # 01a-17017-b
Gas Gauge Tool Model A Ford
Generator and Starter repair book Model A
Generator Cooler -
Genuine Ford Parts Blue wall thermometer
Getting Started-Back on Track Video - ON SALE
Glue on Oval Hot Rod Mirror - stainless Steel
Gold Skull Gear Knob
Golf Ball Gear Knob
Great BUY! 1935-1940 Ford Car Curved Arm Mirrors (Pair)
guide to build a 1932 Ford...
Henrys Lady - large hardcover book!
Henrys Lady Book and Ford Model A Hat (great gift set)
Hi Boy Front Upper Shock Mounts-Drake
Hi Boy Headlamp Mount (top of shock) Stainless
High Boy Stock Mounts 5.5" front 28-34. 48-52F1
Hinge Pin Puller
Hot Rod 7" Gas Pedal FOOT plus Dimmer Switch FOOT
Hot Rod and Model T manual wiper
HOT ROD Car Emblem----nice!
hot rod chrome air scoop carbureator scoop
hot rod chrome air scoop carbureator scoop - 3
hot rod chrome air scoop carbureator scoop 2
Hot Rod Clam Shell Air Cleaner "wild looking"
Hot Rod Lght Kit, 2 12v Painted Dietz lamps, 2 Black 6" Stands, Conduit kit!
Hot Rod Pontiac Tail Lamp blue dot!
Hot Rod Spoon Gas and Brake Pedal Kit (2pc)
How to Build a 1933 1934 Ford
How to Build a 1935 - 1940 Ford Hot Rod
How to build a BOLT Together street Rod - book
how to build a cheap Hot Rod
How to build a Hot Rod 32 Ford Book
How to Build a Traditional Ford Hot Rod
how to build a traditional ford hot rod book
how to build period correct Hot Rods
how to convert 6 volt to 12 volt systems - BOOk
How To Restore Your Model A Ford - BOOK
How To Wire Your Street Rod
how to wire your street rod - manual
Insturment 12v to 6v Reducer
Jr Boyce Motometer
King Bee 12v Halogen Painted Headlamps
King Bee Chrome Plated Halogen
KING BEE Haologen Headlamps black
King Bee Lamps(black) + Stands + Braided Wires
late 1930's GM, Chevy or Buick i think
late chevy grille , 1930's or early 40
Lead Sled Chrome Emblem.
Leadwork & Plastic Fillers - ON SALE
License Plate Frame 6."x 14." Fits the original plates
Light Switch - Busted Knuckle
Locking Gas Cap; fits - 1932-48 Car, 1932-50 Pickup
Locking Gas Cap; fits - 1949-56 Car, 1951-70 Pickup
Look but Don't Touch Magnet
louvered rat rod air cleaner (set of 3)
louvered stainless steel license plate backing
Marilyn Momroe Thermometer
Metal Chrome Skull Shift Knob
Mode A Body Parts List Book (Best Seller)
Mode A Ford water pump tightening wrench
Model A Ford A-Z Coupe Book 1930-31
Model A - Miseries and CURES book - BEST SELLER!
Model A 12 V high low beam Halogen Kit- complete
Model A 1928-1931 Gas Tank Welt
Model A 1928-1931 Ignition cable and Ignition switch (2 keys)
Model A 1928-1931 Woven Brake Linings (2 wheels)
Model A 1928-1931 Woven Brake Linings (2 wheels) WITH ROVIT TOOL
Model A 2pc Crank Pulley
Model A 3pc Stainless Headlamp Conduit set
Model A 6 V high low beam Halogen Kit- complete
Model A 6v coil
Model A 6v Leaft Hand Tail Lamp. Red/Amber Lens
Model A Airmaze -- "special and Free Shipping"
Model A Amber Cowl Lamp Lens
Model A and AA Chassis and Engine Manual
Model A and AA Truck owner hardcover book
Model A and AA Truck Owners Book Hardbound.
Model A and AA truck supplement to the Model A Shop manual
Model A and ALL Early Ford License/Registration Holder...
Model A bakelte distributor body
Model A Barrtey Tray + Hold down Cover
Model A Battery Cable
Model A Battery Cable Support
Model A Battey Tray hold down
Model A Chrome LH Tail lamp Stand
Model A Chrome RH Tail Lamp Stand
Model A CLOCK Gear Knob
Model A Clutch alignment tool
Model A Coil Bracket (black)
Model A Coil to Terminal Box wire
Model A Complete Battery Cable Kit! 3pc
Model A Complete brake spring kit (for all A's)
Model A Crankshaft Nut
Model A cutout to terminal box wire set
Model A Dash Ingnition Trim Ring
Model A Dash On Off Switch plate
Model A Dash, Instrument panel 1928-1930 ovaL
Model A distributor Body -brass connectors
Model A Distributor Body steel contacts
Model A DUAL Bulb Headlamp Reflectors
Model A engine rear mail seal
Model A Ford - 1930-1931 Dash, ROUND SPEEDO
Model A Ford "Ford script" coil.. 6v
Model A Ford "OVAL" Kilometer REBUILT speedometer
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